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Posted by Mooke - 7 days ago

Ever since my ATH-M50x broke (last year), I never got another headset. Since then I have been mixing frugally with a cheap pair of Sony headphones that came with my Walkman. Why? It has slightly better bass than the other cheap $20 Sony headphones, however the downside that I have to sacrifice a lot in the mix is because the Walkman headphones is loudness-boosted, meaning that it's much louder than actual level. So I have to mix really quiet. Compression came along as a band-aid for the problem, but soon it ruins my quality because I just use to Gullfoss treatment for everything. If y'all heard the stuff featured in Deadswitch 3, those were made with the ATH-M50x which explains why I could do the wide mix so easily. Next month I'm gonna get another ATH-M50x tho. No more weed, I'd stay sober a month for the headset. :)

PS. It's also a reason why I haven't made new work recently. Thanks to @Seprix for showing me the light with actual advice and I was an asshole toward him. Go check out his works, he's more pro than me.

Stay tuned.



Posted by Mooke - 3 weeks ago


I realized Archive.org is a bit hefty to share contents, so I reuploaded LBS them to Keybase for easier sharing. Each track can now be easily and individually download. New dozens of new tracks added into the content. Totally 129 files. As usual, all tracks are released under Creative Commons Zero Universal (CC0), this time properly copyleft licensed. LBS is a 15 years worth of orchestral and melodic works with various categorized sub-genres like classical, jazz, RPG, synthwave.

The repository will keep growing as I make new works. Also I think I forgot a few tracks in there.

Example of tracks included in LBS:




Posted by Mooke - September 12th, 2020

Enjoy, y'all!



Posted by Mooke - September 10th, 2020



Posted by Mooke - September 8th, 2020

By now y'all probably heard riots rocking all over America, and people are all rightfully to riot. One name in the many fallen innocent victims of police violence is Elijah McClain, a self-taught and selfless musician. Elijah worked as a massage therapist but his true passions were always music, in his youth he taught himself many instruments like violin and guitar, and he played music for abandoned animals at shelter. Elijah McClain believed his music would bring peace to the poor animals and he had continued to do so until the day he left this botched world.

On the night of August 30, 2019, in Aurora, CO, Elijah McClain went out to convenient store and never made it back because he was murdered by 3 pigs, (Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema) with chokehold and EMT also drugged Elijah. He was tortured til death. Elijah McClain was 23 years old when he left this world.

I haven't talked about this when the news came out because it hit me so hard. I could not bear it and I felt so powerless at the death of Elijah McClain, and not just him but millions of black and brown lives were taken and stolen from this settler colonialist regime.

This is why I always fight against police, state and capital. This is why I always stand up for black, indigenous and people of color. I will fight them on the street or through my music. With my hacking power or with my words. And I will happily sacrifice myself knowing that I die for a better world that BIPOC like us would some day reach there, where there would be no longer pain, death and suffering. I put myself in front of their muzzles because I fight for people like Elijah McClain to no longer suffer.

Rest in power, Elijah McClain. And all fallen victims of state violence.



Posted by Mooke - September 2nd, 2020

15 years ago: What if I could be great one day like Wendy Carlos or Hans Zimmer...

The sad 2020: Actually fuck that, I'm still a fucking loser stuck on this funky site!

What's that feeling? Jealousy? Envious? Depression? Admiration? ALL OF THEM, YOU MF

No matter what my followers tell me how nice is my stuff, no matter how many friends told me my work is unique, it could never change the fact that I'm still a loser who stuck on this community and can't go elsewhere. Not because of my work suck, but it doesn't fit the type of industry music demanded. I make stuff because I wanna express myself, not wanting to bend to certain rules or requirement.

The fact that I even made it into NGADM and NGUAC latest rounds is pretty telling and took me by surprise, because my work are not the type that fits conforming music for affluence contests. My work are for the weirdos like me who enjoy extremity in sound design and experimentation. Still, I don't think I'd go far with such work because, again I don't ever fucking want or need to do industry standard music. I don't need my work to sound nice or right, because those are borintg.

I want it to be unique. To leave long lasting effect in anyone who's brave enough to enjoy it.

... I guess that's why I'm still a tiny potato, even on this site. :(



Posted by Mooke - September 1st, 2020

I totally didn't expect to get into next round of both NGADM and NGUAC, lol I thought I was gonna lose in both contests so I just planned to work on the new album. Now I can't back out cuz I wanna face @LD-W in NGADM round 3.

I haven't started the NGUAC track yet, I'm just chilling for a while until I work on stuff. Not planning to win NGUAC Final either, but I'd try my best. Good luck to contestants in both NGADM and NGUAC, and thank you to the judges for having so much patience in my work. Thanks to everyone else for believing in me. :)



Posted by Mooke - August 17th, 2020

All the melodic wizards didn't make it. Not a complaint or anything, just found it really intriguing.

The people who made it in Round 2 are all experimental demigods like @Phonometrologist @LD-W @larrynachos @FateModified @PredatorMusic @St0mpy @AlbeGian

Well fuck I was wrong about the reality once again... as I also made it :P

This round is gonna be fuuuuuuuuun. Good luck to everybody!

But I was hoping to face @CloakedSoup last round and get totally destroyed, we've some score to settle, maybe next year bro.



Posted by Mooke - August 15th, 2020

For a long time I stumped with creative's block and struggled to make new interesting stuff. I kinda get it with the last 3 tracks, but I still very unsatisfied with my composition and production skills. I wanted more, so I set out to explore other options.

What I'm looking for is massive Wall of Sound type of mixing, super wide mix, lots of reverb and chill instruments. But at the same time I don't want it to be just chill, I want it to be action, lively, bassy, punchy, yet colorful. The focus on such works are percussion programming and fluidity. I need the work to be smooth as hell, from A to Z, yet it still has ending. I'm looking for the passive-aggressive expertise of compositions, sound design, techniques, programming, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

That's a lot to ask for. But I believe they are achievable. Stay tuned.


Posted by Mooke - August 13th, 2020

Does it worth the money? I was thinking if I could get it this Black Friday or something. I saw a lot of reviews on Gullfoss and was wondering, hmm, this sounds like a useful tool, but do I really need it?

Anyone have it? What are your experience on Gullfoss?